Overall Statistics

The Overall statistics table displays important facts about your network:

  • Total Number of Computers: The current number of BigFix Clients.
  • Relevant Fixlets per Computer: The average number of relevant Fixlet messages per computer, or the total number of relevant issues divided by the total number of computers.
  • Total Number of Fixlets: The current number of Fixlet messages that exist on the BigFix system. Note that if Web Reports is looking across multiple databases in the network, the number of Fixlet messages corresponds to the union of all the Fixlet messages in all the databases.
  • Total Number of Fixlet Sites: The total number of sites to which the BigFix system is currently subscribed.
  • Total Number of Tasks: The current total of relevant tasks on your BigFix network.
  • Total Number of Analyses: The current total of analyses that exist on the BigFix system.
  • Total Number of Actions: The current total of actions issued so far by the BigFix system.
  • Mean Time to Remediate: The average time it took for every relevant issue to become non-relevant on all computers. Note that issues can become non-relevant by methods other than actions. For example, users can manually update their computers, making those relevant issues no longer relevant.