Understanding the server components

The BigFix server responds to messages and requests from the relay, client, and console computers using a variety of components.

To better understand what the server does, read the descriptions of some of the components.

Client Registration Component
When the client is installed on a new computer, it registers itself with the client registration component of the server and the client is given a unique ID. If the computer IP address changes, the client automatically registers the new IP address with the client registration component.
Post Results Server Component
When a client detects that a Fixlet has become relevant, it reports to the Post Results server component using an HTTP POST operation. It identifies the relevant Fixlet together with the registered ID of the client computer. This information is passed on to the BigFix database through the FillDB service and then becomes viewable in the console. Other state changes are also periodically reported by the clients to the server directly or through relays.
Gather Server Component
This component watches for changes in Fixlet content for all the Fixlet sites to which you are subscribed. It downloads these changes to the server and makes them available to the GatherDB component.
FillDB Component
This component posts client results into the database.
GatherDB Component
This component gathers and stores Fixlet downloads from the Internet into the database.
Download Mirror Server Component
The Download Mirror Server component hosts Fixlet site data for the relays and clients. This component functions as a simplified download server for BigFix traffic.