Enabling the DB2 database online backup

Starting from BigFix V 9.5 Patch 3 you can customize your Linux environment to run the online backup of the BFENT and BESREPOR DB2 databases.

The advantage of running a DB2 online backup is that the backup can run while the applications and the services are accessing the database so there is no outage time window. You can either schedule the online backup or run it from the DB2 command line on the DB2 server.

As a prerequisite for running the DB2 online backup, you must ensure that the DB2 archive logging is active on the DB2 server.

From the BigFix point of view, these are the possible scenarios that you might run into:
You ran a fresh install of BigFix V9.5 Patch 3
In this case the BigFix databases are already enabled to use the DB2 database online backup. You only need to enable the DB2 archive logging for the BigFix databases on the DB2 server.
You upgraded BigFix from an earlier version to V9.5 Patch 3
If so, you must enable the BigFix databases to use the DB2 database online backup function as indicated in https://bigfix-mark.github.io/.