Navigation tree overview

This topic gives you an overview of using the Navigation tree.

The OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging navigation tree, which is accessed from the BigFix console, is your primary tool for capturing and deploying OS images. This navigation tree becomes available when you enable the site from the License Overview dashboard in the BigFix Management domain. To access the navigation tree, open the BigFix console and click the Systems Lifecycle domain at the bottom of the domain panel.

OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging site
Click OS Deployment and Bare Metal Imaging to expand the content, which is organized into nodes, dashboards, Fixlets, and tasks that you use to prepare and perform OS deployments in your environment:
Health Checks
The OS Deployment Health Checks Dashboard provides troubleshooting and optimization checks for OS Deployment. You can drill down into individual health checks to see their results and a resolution path for failing checks. See Health Checks Dashboard.
From this node you perform the installation and configuration steps needed to successfully prepare and upload MDT Bundles, to upload images to the Endpoint Management server, and to deploy these images on computers in your environment. The Setup node expands to display the dashboards, Fixlets, Tasks, and Analyses available for this purpose. Each configuration task is described in detail in Configuring the OS Deployment Environment and Managing MDT Bundles and Deployment Media for Windows targets.
Manage Images and Drivers
The Manage Images and Drivers node includes wizards and dashboards for managing your driver and image libraries, as well as for capturing images. For more information about images and drivers, see Managing Images.
Manage Images and Drivers
Manage Bare Metal Servers
Expanding this node, you access the Server Management dashboard. From this dashboard you can manage bare metal OS Deployment servers. You can install, uninstall, or upgrade BigFix Bare Metal Server by uploading the appropriate installers.
After you install, you can create bare metal profiles containing images that are stored on the server and made available to target computers that PXE boot to that server. When a target selects a profile from the binding menu, the image, the MDT Bundle, and all necessary drivers are downloaded through the endpoint management infrastructure and the imaging process begins.
For information about installing a bare metal server and creating profiles on your BigFix relay, see Managing Bare Metal OS Deployment Servers.
Manage Scripting Environments
Expanding this node, you access the Scripting Environment Library. From this dashboard you can import scripting environments that you have previously created with vendor-specific tools, and deploy them to your Bare Metal targets. The Bare Metal Server that manages the targets must have the Management Extender for Bare Metal targets component installed.
Maintenance and Configuration Tasks
This menu contains Fixlets and tasks that are needed for maintenance of your OS Deployment environment. See Maintenance and troubleshooting.
Bare Metal Target Operations
This menu contains tasks and Fixlets to manage Bare Metal targets in your environment. See Managing Bare Metal Targets.