Managing MDT Bundles and Deployment Media for Windows targets

To perform OS Deployment of Windows operating systems, you prepare your deployment environment and resources using the Bundle and Media Manager Dashboard.

From the Bundle and Media Manager dashboard, you can:
  • Install MDT Bundle Creators
  • Create MDT Bundles
  • Create Deployment Media
The tasks available from this dashboard provide a simplified approach to setting up your environment for Windows operating system deployments. You can download MDT Bundle Creators and their prerequisites, and create MDT Bundles in a simple, guided manner, eliminating the need to manually install the required software stack or edit the configuration parameters. You can create bundles with or without OS resources, or OS resources only. You can also create bootable CD, DVD or USB devices, to be used for offline deployments. Colored icons in the warnings column provide information about any missing prerequisites or about deprecated components.

Each task is available in a separate wizard. Each wizard is described in detail in the following sections.