Changing the Oracle core factor through the user interface

Available from 9.2.8. To change the Oracle core factor thorough the user interface, open the Hardware Inventory report, and edit the value in the Oracle Core Factor column.

Before you begin

User You must have the Manage Hardware Inventory permissions to perform this task.


  1. Log in to BigFix Inventory, and go to Reports > Hardware Inventory.
  2. To adjust the report view, hover over the Manage Report View icon Manager Report View icon, and click Configure View.
    1. Optional: To narrow the report to a server for which you want to change the core factor, specify appropriate filters.
      For example: Computer Name, contains, and specify the name of the server.

    2. To add a column in which you can edit the core factor, select Oracle Core Factor. Then, click Submit.
  3. To change the Oracle core factor, click the pencil icon (Pencil icon) in the Oracle Core Factor column, and click Change Oracle Core Factor.
  4. Specify the new core factor, and click Change.

    Changing core factor
  5. To update utilization of the Oracle Processor Core metric, go to Reports > All Metrics, and click Recalculate.


The core factor value is updated for the selected server. Metric utilization is updated for products that are installed on that server.