Using the Presentation Debugger

IBM BigFix includes tools to help you write and debug session relevance expressions. Here is how to install the session (also called presentation) debugger:

  1. While the IBM BigFix Console is running, press Ctrl-Shift-Alt-D to bring up the Debug window.
  2. Click the check box next to Show Debug Menu, at the top of the window. This installs a new menu in the Console called Debug that contains several handy debugging tools.
  3. From the Debug menu, click on Presentation Debugger to open the Presentation Debugger window.

To use the debugger:

  1. Type a Relevance expression in the top box. As a simple example, type the key phrase now. This expression extracts the current time and date from the system clock.
  2. Click the Evaluate button.
  3. In the bottom text box, the current date is displayed.