Fixlet Debugger on non-Windows clients

The Fixlet debugger, is now included in the client installation package of BigFix V9.2.3 or later for all non-Windows operating systems.. It returns the result of evaluating the relevance on the client where you run the command.

You can find the following Fixlet Debugger executables in the /opt/BESClient/bin directory of the client installation:
  • Command line: qna
  • X Windows™: xqna
Note: For Macintosh clients, the QnA tool is available in a DMG file at the following page:
Complete the following steps to extract the tool:
  1. Download the DMG file to a Macintosh system.
  2. Mount the file by double clicking on the DMG file. You can find the QnA tool within the mounted directory structure.
Before using the tool, you must set a variable that points to the BigFix client configuration by adding the variable settings to your default startup script or by creating the following runqna shell script:
export BESClientConfigPath
export SHLIB_PATH=/opt/BESClient/bin                       (only HP-UX)
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/BESClient/bin (only Linux)
export LIBPATH=/opt/BESClient/bin                          (all the other non-Windows systems)
Apply the execute permissions to the shell script as follows:
# chmod a+x runqna
Then you can run the QnA tool from the command line as follows:
On Macintosh clients, to use it you must launch the Terminal program and run:
{sudo} /Library/BESAgent/
The sudo command is optional but some inspectors run only if you are Super User (root) or if the version of the operating system protects the directories where the client is installed.

When you run this tool, it prompts for a Q: which might be any relevance statement. This is an example:

[root@tadl2-v-db2 bin]# pwd
[root@tadl2-v-db2 bin]# ./runqna
Default masthead location, using /etc/opt/BESClient/actionsite.afxm
Q: exists file "/etc/redhat-release" whose (exists line whose 
(exists match (regex "Red Hat Enterprise Linux (Server|Workstation) release 6") of it) of it)
A: False
T: 6406