IBM BigFix Console Operator's Guide

This guide explains how to access the console and gives you an overview of the console design and usage.

IBM BigFix solves the increasingly complex problem of keeping your critical systems updated, compatible, and free of security problems.

The BigFix console uses patented Fixlet technology to identify vulnerable or aberrant computers on your network and then allows authorized personnel to correct these issues across any subset of the network with a few simple mouse-clicks.

Rolling out a security patch or a software update can be accomplished in minutes, allowing you to keep a step ahead of potential network problems while maintaining a standardized operating environment. You can track the progress of each computer as updates are applied, making it easy to gauge the level of compliance across your entire enterprise.

BigFix allows you to create and print an audit trail of each issue and its resolution to meet regulatory or policy guidelines. At any time and from any browser, you can view or print graphs and reports summarizing conditions across hundreds of thousands of networked computers.

For an overview about the BigFix functionality and architecture, see Getting Started.

The following topics explain how to access the console and give you an overview of the console design and usage: