Issues with the "it" statement

Throughout this guide you have seen several examples of the it statement, such as this one:

<?relevance definition list of (name of it; free space of it as string) of
drives whose (exists free space of it)?>

In this example, if you also want to use it to refer to attributes, you encounter a problem because "it" in the html tag parameter must refer to the clause that defines the tag contents. In the following example, it refers to statementA, not statementB:

(html tag ("tag value='" & name of it & "'") of statementA) of statementB

The html inspectors provide an alternative syntax to avoid this problem:

html tag (<name>, <contents>)
html tag (<name>, attr list of (<name1>, <value1>; ...; <nameN>, <valueN>), <contents>)

Where <name> is a string, <contents> is a string or html, and names and values are strings. Use this syntax to form complex html statements without the use of it:

html tag ("h1", attr list of ("id", "Big&Bad"), "Big&Bad")

That returns:

"<h1 id="Big&amp;Bad">Big&amp;Bad</h1>"

Or this line:

html tag ( "p", attr list of (("class", "myclass"); ("align", "left")), 
	html "html <i>italic snippet</i>" )

That returns:

<p class="myclass" align="left">html <i>italic snippet</i></p>