The link ID protocol

Several of the previous examples illustrated anchor links by using the linkid: protocol. You might want to create a link such as this directly. This style of linking is typically used in the Navigation bar, but it is also available for dashboards and wizards. It takes the form:


Linkids open the specified object in an MDI document window. However, the IDs of Fixlets, actions and other objects are rarely predictable, so it is problematic to specify them as literals. In addition, linkids do not work in Web Reports. To circumvent these limitations, use the link href inspector:

link href of bes fixlets whose (id of it is 17)

This code generates a corresponding linkid for dashboards and wizards:


Here, the first number refers to the site and the second number (17) refers to Fixlet. Note that the direct linkid protocol does not work for Web Reports. Instead, use the link href inspector that in the context of a Web Report, generates an ordinary HTML link. This technique is recommended for writing portable scripts that can run in both environments without rewriting.

There is also a linkid for the Tivoli BigFix support site:


Clicking this link opens the Tivoli BigFix support website in a new application window with the default browser.