Linking to other documents

You can use the link inspector to create an HTML hyperlink that opens the appropriate document window for any specified Fixlet, computer, action, or user. The link inspector typically uses the name or the ID of the object to identify it:

link of bes fixlets whose (id of it is 17)

This inspector resolves the Fixlet ID and then generates a tag of the form:

<A href="linkid:openfixlet(1,17)">Name Of Fixlet</A>

Where "Name Of Fixlet" is the name-string that is retrieved for the specified linked Fixlet and the number pair specifies the site number and the Fixlet number.

You can also specify your own custom content for the anchor tag by using the indexed form of the inspector:

link "Click Here" of bes fixlets whose (id of it is 17) 


link (b of "Click Here") of bes fixlets whose (id of it is 17)

These commands generate links of the form:

<A href="linkid:openfixlet(1,17)">Click Here</A>
<A href="linkid:openfixlet(1,17)"><b>Click Here</b></A>

In a dashboard or wizard, click the link to open the associated MDI document. For example:

link of bes wizards whose (name of it = "AntiPest")

This code generates an anchor of the form:

<A href="linkid:openWizard(5211,bfantipest_dashboard.ojo)">TEM

This HTML link, when clicked, opens the AntiPest dashboard. Similarly, in Web Reports, the link you create opens a report page for the object.