Top-down data flow: from the BigFix server to the clients

The encoding capability when sending data from the BigFix server to BigFix clients is the same as BigFix V9.2; UTF-8 support of the top-down data flow is not available in BigFix. The top-down data flow (such as actions, site subscriptions, computer groups, custom sites, and more) works only if you use non-ASCII data that belongs to the FXF encoding.

For example, if you try to create a custom site whose name contains characters different from the FXF encoding (suppose FXF encoding is Windows 1252, and the name of the site is Site_albêrto, where character ê is specific to the Windows 1250 encoding), the BigFix console displays an error message. The same error occurs when trying to create this custom site using the REST API or Command-Line Interface (CLI).

On BigFix servers running on Windows systems the installer sets the FXF encoding (x-bes-fxf-charset) in the masthead without any user interaction.

On BigFix servers running on Linux systems the installer shows the x-bes-fxf-charset setting to the user, proposing a default value and allowing the user to confirm or change it. You can also change it by using the ENCODE_VALUE response key in the silent installations.