Managing actions on clients with different local encoding

BigFix Platform introduces the possibility to specify the names of files and folders of UNIX clients in any encoding, even if it is different from the encoding used by the BigFix server.

You can do this by specifying the corresponding hexadecimal representation (string) of the file and folder names, in a BigFix action. A set of commands that use binary strings is now available for this purpose. For example, to create a new folder having the Japanese name "ハロ" in UTF-8 encoding, you can submit an action script from the BigFix console by specifying the corresponding hexadecimal value "e3838fe383ad" as follows:
binary name folder create “e3838fe383ad"

With BigFix 9.5.5 or earlier, you can only use characters in FXF character set (character set matches to your BigFix server locale) to create files, and characters in local character set when retrieving names.

With BigFix 9.5.6, you can specify binary names and folders but not all binary actions are fully supported.

With BigFix 9.5.7, all binary actions are fully supported.

In addition to the binary name folder create command used in the example, depending on the actions to be completed on the client, you can use a set of commands that are documented on BigFix Developer site: