Bottom-up data flow: from BigFix clients to BigFix server

BigFix Platform V10 uses UTF-8 as the standard encoding system to send reports from BigFix clients to BigFix server. The x-bes-report-charset parameter is set to utf-8 in the masthead and its value cannot be changed.

In this way, any text character is efficiently represented and handled, regardless of the language, application, or platform that you are working on.

After upgrading a BigFix server to V10, the updated masthead with the new x-bes-fxf-charset and x-bes-report-charset parameters is propagated through the whole deployment.

If the value of the x-bes-fxf-charset in the updated masthead is different from the value of the FXF encoding that the client was using before the upgrade, then the BESClient process must be restarted for the new value to become effective.

Note: After upgrading BigFix to V10, the filldb process on clients might fail if the filldb buffer directory contains reports that use an unexpected report encoding value, for example ReportEncoding: hp-roman8. If so, clean up the filldb buffer directory containing the reports and then restart filldb.