Introducing Baselines

Baselines are collections of Fixlet messages and Tasks.

They provide a powerful way to deploy a group of Actions across an entire network with a single command.

Baselines provide a way to maintain a common operating environment, making sure that all users in any given domain have the same software, patches, and drivers. Baselines are easy to set up, by selecting the Fixlet messages, Tasks, and other Baselines that you want to be a part of the group. To limit the scope of a Baseline, a Relevance expression can be used to target any subset of your network, using IP addresses, computer names, operating systems, and many other qualifiers.

For example, you might make a Baseline named "All critical hotfixes," and populate it with all the current critical hotfixes available in the Fixlet list. Or you might create one named "Finance department baseline," to keep that particular group of computers updated with the latest financial programs, financial tables, updates, and patches.