Hiding Baselines

You can hide a Baseline.

Use the following procedure:

  1. From any Baseline List Panel, select the Baseline you want to hide.
  2. Right-click the Baseline and select Globally or Locally Hide Baseline from the pop-up menu (or from the Edit menu).

The selected Baselines are no longer displayed in the Baseline list. If you chose to hide the Baseline locally, it is still visible to other Console users. If you are a Master Operator, you can hide a Baseline globally, to hide it also from all non-master users.

Items that are hidden are still available and you can restore or unhide them at any time. Here is how:

  1. Click the Show Hidden Content button in the Console toolbar.
  2. Click the Baselines icon in the Domain Panel navigation tree, which now shows all the hidden content.
  3. From the List Panel, choose a Baseline and choose Edit > Hiding > Locally/Globally Unhide or right-click and choose the same option from the context menu. You can also open the hidden Baseline and click the Unhide button in the Work Area below.

Generally it is not necessary to hide Baselines, because you can simply ignore them. The main reason for hiding a Baseline is if you think that the message is not relevant to your network and you want to avoid viewing the Baseline every time you launch the Console.