Monitoring Baselines

When Baselines become relevant somewhere in your network, the BigFix Console adds them to the list of Baselines to be displayed under the Baselines icon in the Domain Panel navigation tree.

You can filter this list by opening the icon and selecting one of the subsets. In the resulting List Panel on the right, you can sort the Baselines by clicking one of the column headings, which might include the following fields:

  • Name: The name assigned to the Baseline by the author.
  • ID: A numerical ID assigned to the Baseline by the author.
  • Site: The name of the site that is generating the relevant Baseline.
  • Applicable Computer Count: The number of BigFix Clients in the network currently targeted by the Baseline.
  • Open Action Count: The number of actions open for the given Baseline.

If you do not see one of the columns listed above, right-click in the Baseline header and select it from the pop-up menu.

Note: If the relevance of a component of a baseline changes, the baseline goes out of synchronization and the message "Source Fixlet differs" is displayed close to the component in the BigFix Console. When it happens, the Applicable Computer Count tab of the baseline is overwritten to 0/0 (<baseline relevant computers number> unknown).