Verifying the migration

To make sure that your BigFix Server has been successfully migrated, perform the procedure outlined in this section.


  1. Check the BigFix Diagnostics Tool to make sure all services are properly started.
  2. Log in the BigFix Admin tool (if it opens normally database connectivity is verified and the tool can be closed).
  3. Log in with the BigFix Console and verify that the logins work properly and the database information was properly restored.
  4. BigFix Clients and BigFix Relays should soon notice that the Server is available and will be reporting data to the server. Full recovery with all Agents reporting will usually take anywhere from a few minutes to many hours (depending on the size of the deployment and how long the Server was unavailable). In any circumstance, at least some Agents should be reporting updated information within an hour or so.
  5. After verifying some agents are reporting properly, send a "blank action" (Tools > Take Custom Action, target "All Computers", click OK) to all computers. The blank action will not make any changes to the Agent computers, but the Agents will report that they received the blank action. If the most Agents respond to a blank action, it is a very strong indicator that everything is working well because sending an action tests many core components and communication paths of BigFix.
  6. Log in to Web Reports and ensure the data was restored properly.
  7. Contact BigFix Support with any issues or questions.