The configuration settings apply to the BigFix server, relays, and clients. You can administer them through the Custom Settings configuration in the console's Computer Status dialog.

  • Settings take on their default values unless you modify them.
  • If you specify an invalid value for a setting, it reverts to its default value.
  • All configuration values are stored as strings in the registry (or a configuration file).
  • To prevent older settings from overriding newer settings, each setting has an "effective date" associated with it. An action with an older effective date does not overwrite settings with newer effective dates. Effective dates are set to the time that the action was taken.
  • Numeric values are stored as strings, and assumed to fit in unsigned integers with a maximum of 32 bits (max value is 4,294,967,296).
  • Numeric values that are negative, greater than the maximum value, or that contain non-numeric characters are treated as invalid values. The settings revert to their default values in such cases.
  • Boolean values are stored as strings - either as 1or 0 corresponding to true and false respectively. Boolean values that do not contain either of these allowed values are treated as invalid. The settings revert to their default values in such cases.
Warning: Use the configuration settings with caution. If misused, they can cause non-optimal behavior or prevent BigFix from functioning properly. When in doubt, consult with your support technician.