Extending the BigFix License

When you first request your action site license, you are issued a license for a specific period of time. Before your license expires, BigFix warns you, giving you sufficient time to renew your license.

When you are coming close to the expiration date, BigFix notifies you by showing a message in the BigFix Console. Similarly, if you start to exceed the number of clients allocated by your license, BigFix alerts you. To extend your license expiration or add new client licenses to your installation, follow these steps:

  1. Notify your HCL representative (if you have not paid for the extended license, you must talk to your sales person or reseller to buy an extended license).
  2. Your server checks daily for a new version of your license. If you want to force your server to check immediately, in the console, go to the BigFix Management domain, click License Overview node, and click the Check for license update.

For additional information about how to manage licenses see Managing licenses.