Configuring relay failover

If an BigFix server goes down, whether due to disaster or planned maintenance, the DSA server might be used to find a new server connection. When the disabled server comes back online, its data will automatically be merged with the data on the healthy server.

In order for the failover process to successfully occur set the DSA server as the secondary relay in client settings using __RelayServer2 for the top-level relays (or via the console Computer right-click settings user interface). When a failure on the primary BigFix server occurs and lower level BigFix relays are unable to report, they use the secondary BigFix relay value during normal relay selection process to find and report to the secondary BigFix server.

Note: The setting _BESClient_RelaySelect_ResistFailureIntervalSeconds specified on the client system can have an impact on failover timing. Its value can range from 0 seconds to 6 hours and it defines how many seconds the client ignores reporting failures before attempting to find another parent relay. The default value is 10 minutes. In case of a failover configuration, ensure that, if defined, _BESClient_RelaySelect_ResistFailureIntervalSeconds is set to a low value.