Enabling superseded Fixlets

You can install an earlier version of a Solaris patch by enabling superseded Fixlets.

About this task

Superseded patches are patches that are declared obsolete by Oracle, and have typically been replaced by newer patches.

You can use the Enable Superseded Solaris Patch Evaluation task (ID #13 in the Patches for Solaris and Patches for Solaris Maintenance sites) to install an earlier version of a Solaris patch on a client.


  1. In the navigation tree of the Patch Management domain, expand the OS Vendors node.
  2. Expand the Sun Microsystems Solaris node, and select Configuration.
  3. In the List Panel, select the task Enable Superseded Solaris Patch Evaluation.
    The task window opens.
  4. Select the link to enable evaluation of superseded Solaris patches in the Actions box.
    The Take Action dialog box opens.
  5. Use the tabs across the top of the window to set parameters for this action.
  6. Deploy the action. For information about deploying actions, see the BigFix Console Operator's Guide.