Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard overview

Use the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard to oversee and manage download plug-ins in your deployment.

You can use the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard to register, unregister, configure, and upgrade the download plug-ins for different patch vendors.

You must subscribe to the Patching Support site to gain access to this dashboard. To view the Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard, go to All Content domain > All Dashboards > Manage Download Plug-ins.
Figure 1. Patch Management navigation tree

Patch Management navigation tree
The dashboard displays all the servers and windows-only relays in your deployment. Select a server or relay to view all the plug-ins for that computer. The dashboard shows you also the version and status for each plug-in in one consolidated view.
Figure 2. Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard

Manage Download Plug-ins dashboard
A plug-in can be in one of the following states:
  • Not Installed
  • New Version Available
  • Up-To-Date
  • Not Supported
The dashboard has a live keyword search capability. You can search based on the naming convention of the servers, relays, and plug-ins.
Note: If you install the download plug-in on BigFix relays, you must also install it on the BigFix server to avoid download issues.