BigFix Patch for Solaris provides unified, real-time visibility and enforcement to deploy and manage patches to all Solaris endpoints from a single console. It keeps your Solaris clients current with the latest Oracle updates.

Important: You must have an Oracle Support account to access the patches from the Oracle Support site at https://support.oracle.com. Your Oracle account user name must have a valid support identifier to download patches.
Patch management is available from the following sites:
Patches for Solaris
This site includes legacy Solaris 10 and earlier core OS patch content. It uses the older traditional single-user mode for applying patches.
Patches for Solaris Maintenance
This site includes legacy Solaris 10 and earlier non-core OS patch content.
Patches for Solaris Live Upgrade
This site includes patch content that uses the Solaris Live Upgrade utility to install patches to an alternate boot environment rather than the currently running OS.
Patches for Solaris 11
This site includes Fixlet content for Solaris 11/11, 11.1, 11.2, and 11.3.

For each new supported update that becomes available, BigFix releases a Fixlet® that identifies and updates all the computers in your enterprise that need it. For information on the supported updates, see Supported platforms and updates.

With a few keystrokes, the BigFix console operator can apply the patch to all the relevant computers and visualize its progress as it deploys throughout the network. The BigFix agent checks the operating system version, processors, and the existing installed packages to determine when and if a patch is necessary.

Using Fixlets, you can manage large numbers of updates and patches with comparative ease, enabling automated, highly targeted deployment on any schedule that you want. Large downloads can be phased to optimize network bandwidth and the entire deployment process can be monitored, graphed, and recorded for inventory or audit control.