Solaris download cacher tool overview

The Solaris download cacher tool is an executable program that automatically downloads and caches patch packages on the Windows BigFix server to facilitate the deployment of Solaris Fixlets.

Note: Use the cacher tool only if you are using an air-gapped environment or if you want to cache all the downloads for faster execution of actions. Otherwise, use the download plug-in. The preferred method for acquiring Solaris patches is to register the Solaris download plug-in. For more information about plug-in registration, see Registering the Solaris download plug-in.

The tool uses FTP to download large .zip files and by default, stores them in the sha1 cache folder. You can also choose to store the files in a different existing directory. Your environment must be configured to accept FTP use.

You can either run the download cacher tool task from the BigFix console, or access the tool by downloading and running it manually. For more information, see Using the Solaris download cacher.
Note: Solaris Download cacher (Solaris 11) does not support caching files for Patches.