Creating a new alternate disk clone

Use the AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard to create an alternate disk clone of the current rootvg on targeted AIX systems.

Before you begin

Alternate disk cloning deployments require that an alternate disk is available to the system. This alternate disk cannot have any volume groups assigned to it.


  1. From the BigFix console, click All Patch Management > Wizards > Patches for AIX > AIX Advanced Deployment Wizard.
  2. Under the Alternate Disk Tasks tab, click Create a New Alternate Disk Clone to expand the deployment options pane.
    Figure 1. Create a New Alternate Disk Clone

    Create a New Alternate Disk Clone
  3. Enter a name for the new alternate disk volume group.
    Figure 2. Available options

    Available options
  4. Enter the files or directories that are to be excluded from the alternate disk clone.
  5. Verify that the reboot option is at the preferred setting.
  6. Click Create Action.
  7. Deploy the action.