CyberFOCUS Analytics dashboard

From the BigFix CyberFOCUS Analytics dashboard, you can view various reports that display critical information related to vulnerabilities. The data are represented in the form of graphs and tables, so that the user can quickly become aware of the IT assets and the threats in the environment and take informed decisions to mitigate vulnerabilities.

The dashboard consists of the following analytic reports:

With the help of these reports, IT Admins and Security Admins can quickly ascertain the list of vulnerabilities, content to be patched, and the list of machines that need patching.

By default, the dashboard displays the MITRE APTs report.

Device count

All the reports display the total number of devices present in your BigFix environment along with individual count of each device type.

Mouse interactions

  • Hover over an element in the graph to view more information specific to the CVE associated with that element and applicable environment details below the chart.
  • Click on any number with a link to view more information such as CVE details, Fixlet details, and content as applicable.
  • Click on a text link to redirect to the external link with more information specific to that report.
  • Click expand or collapse to view or hide the content details related to the CVE.


You can zoom in or zoom out the graph to focus on the data as needed.

  • To zoom the chart, press shift key and click the mouse on the desired area and drag.
  • To reset zoom, click the link Reset zoom aligned under the bottom left corner of the graph.

Export data

You can export the data of the MITRE APTs and CISA KEV reports in a .csv format.

To export the data click Export and select an option:
  • Export CVE: Exports the source data of the chart.
  • Export content: Exports the content related to the CVEs.
Note: Exports do not reflect any filtering visualized within the graph. You need to independently filter the data within the exports if needed.


The debug log captures the information of all the activities that are performed in the web reports. You can view the debug log to fix the issues on your own or send it to HCL to get help in troubleshooting your issues.
Important: The debug log contains sensitive information about your environment. Review the information carefully and share the information with HCL only on demand.
  • To view the debug log, click and select View Debug.
  • To download the log as an html file, click the Download Logs link at the bottom left corner of the page.

Submit Feedback

You can mail your feedbacks and suggestions about BigFix CyberFOCUS to HCL.

To send your feedback, click and select Submit Feedback.


From the report, to get more information about BigFix CyberFOCUS, you can visit the documentation page.

To do that, click and select Help.