Installing DB2 for BigFix InventoryLicense Metric Tool on Linux

License Metric ToolBigFix Inventory that is installed on Linux requires DB2 database. You can install the database on the same computer as the License Metric ToolBigFix Inventory server or on a separate one. You can also reuse the instance of DB2 that you installed for the BigFix platform. DB2 installation package is delivered together with License Metric ToolBigFix Inventory.

About this task

The following scenario shows how to install DB2 that is delivered with License Metric ToolBigFix Inventory. If it does not fit your environment, you need more information about each step or other installation options, see the documentation for DB2 11.5.


  1. Go to the directory with the installation package, and extract the installation files.
    tar xvf installation_package
  2. From the extracted directory, run the installation script.
  3. In the navigation bar of the DB2 Setup Launchpad, click Install a Product.
  4. Scroll down, and click Install New under DB2 Workgroup Server Edition.
  5. Read and accept the license agreement. Click Next.
  6. Select the installation type, and click Next.
  7. Select Install DB2 Server Edition on this computer and save my settings in a response file, and click Next.
  8. Specify the installation directory, and click Next.
  9. Create a user for the DB2 Administration Server, and click Next.
  10. Select Create a DB2 instance, and click Next.
  11. Select Single partition instance, and click Next.
  12. Create the DB2 instance owner. This user will be needed when you specify connection details between BigFix and BigFix InventoryLicense Metric Tool. Then, click Next.
  13. Create the fenced user, and click Next.
  14. Set up the DB2 server to send notifications or select the second check box to omit this step. Then, click Next.
  15. Review the settings, and click Finish. The installation is started.
  16. When the installation is complete, add a license file to extend your license.
    1. From the directory with extracted installation files, go to /db2/license.
    2. Copy the db2wse_o.lic file to the home directory of the DB2 instance owner, by default /home/db2inst1.
    3. Open the terminal and switch the user to the DB2 instance owner.
      su - db2inst1
    4. Add the license file to your installation.
      db2licm -a db2wse_o.lic


The installation of DB2 is complete. The default location is /opt/ibm/db2.