Detailed hardware scan

Available from 9.2.12. Detailed hardware scan collects hardware information related to memory, operating systems, storage, processors, partitions, network adapters, SMBIOS data, IP addresses and logical partition capacity data. The solution is supported on Windows, Linux x86-64 and x86-32, and AIX. It can be run also on other operating systems but the results might not be accurate.

In BigFix Inventory, there are two types of hardware scans: capacity scan and detailed hardware scan.
  • Capacity scan collects the main information about the type and the capacity of processors in your infrastructure. BigFix Inventory uses this data to calculate software license usage for metrics that are based on processor capacity, such as PVU. BigFix Inventory displays the selected hardware attributes of scanned processors on the Hardware Inventory and Software Classification panels. You can also use API to retrieve the capacity details.
  • Detailed hardware scan collects additional information about your hardware. The scan uses the same scanner technology as capacity scan. However, detailed hardware scan has a much broader spectrum and retrieves more hardware attributes. These details are not required to report license metrics. They can be used to monitor your hardware inventory or manage your assets. You can only retrieve the results of the detailed hardware scan through API.
For more information, see: Software and hardware discovery.