Overview and getting started

HCL® BigFix provides the Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard from which you can view and remediate QRadar® vulnerability data. The dashboard lists the QRadar® Computer Risk Score, CVEs, and CVE risk score, which you can use to quickly identify the computers that are at risk. The dashboard provides a list of the Fixlets and Baselines that are available to take action and remediate CVEs. You can also quarantine or unquarantine computers from the Manage Vulnerable Computers Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard. An Actions tab shows the actions that you ran from the dashboard.

If you have QRadar® Vulnerability Manager installed and configured to connect to BigFix and if you have a license for BigFix Compliance, you can access the Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard. You begin by installing a plug-in in BigFix. After you install the plug-in, you can use the dashboard.

To use the Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard, you must complete two simple steps in BigFix:
  1. Acquire the QRadar Vulnerabilities site. See Accessing the site.
  2. Install the plug-in for the Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard. See Install the QRadar® plug-in.
Use the documentation in the following sections to complete each of these tasks in BigFix.
Important: Before completing these tasks in BigFix, you must also complete some short configuration steps in QRadar® to enable QRadar® to send vulnerability data to BigFix. For information about the configuration that is required in QRadar®, see the QRadar and BigFix integration documentation.