Accessing the site

The Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard runs from the BigFix Endpoint Protection domain. Before you can access the Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard, you must acquire the QRadar Vulnerabilities site and accept the license agreement. After you acquire the QRadar Vulnerabilities site, you must gather the contents of the site to your console. You must also subscribe your computers to the site so that they can access the Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard.

About this task

You cannot access the QRadar Vulnerabilities site unless you have a license for BigFix Compliance. For information about getting a license, see BigFix Licensing.

The procedure for acquiring the QRadar Vulnerabilities site and gathering the contents of the site is similar to the procedure for other BigFix applications and sites.

Complete the following steps to access the site.


  1. From the BigFix console, go to the BigFix Management domain and click License Overview.
  2. Go to the BigFix Compliance section of the License Overview dashboard.
  3. Click Enable for the QRadar Vulnerabilities site. The QRadar® site is made available on your console. It typically takes a few minutes for the contents to become available on your system.
  4. From the All Content domain, subscribe the computers that you want to manage from the Manage Vulnerable Computers dashboard to the QRadar Vulnerabilities site.