Tools menu

Provides various reporting and customization tools, including the HCL PowerTools.


Click to:

Create Report

Create a report of the current scan. See Reports

Manual Test

Create and send a test variant manually to a selected URL. See Manual tests

Generate All Issue Information

(This option is active only if there are scan results:) Generates/updates Issue Information in the Issue Information tab for all issues. See Issue Information tab.
Tip: To generate Issue Information for a specific result only, right-click the result in the Result pane, and select Generate Issue Information.

Scan Scheduler

Set time and frequency for automatic run of a scan.

User-Defined Tests

Define new tests for scans. See User-Defined Tests

Extensions >

Web API Wizard (Open API)

Open the wizard to configure a web API scan based on one or more Open API (v2 and v3) description files (JSON or YAML). See Web Services Wizard

Extension Manager

Open Extension Manager to manage add-on applications. See Extension Manager

PowerTools >

Authentication Tester

Run Authentication Tester PowerTool to brute-force authentication tests.

Connection Test

Run Connection Test PowerTool to ping websites without using the ping protocol (which is blocked by many firewalls).


Run EncodeDecode PowerTool for string encoding/decoding between various formats.


Run ExpressionTest PowerTool to check regular expressions.

HTTP Request Editor

Run HTTP Request Editor PowerTool to edit and send HTTP requests, and view site responses.

External Tools...

Click to open a dialog box from which you can:
  • Adjust the order of the PowerTools on the Tools menu
  • Add additional external programs that can be opened from the Tools menu


Customize AppScan operations. See Options dialog box