Scan menu

Used to control the scan.


Click to:

Start full scan

Start a full scan (Explore and Test stages) or continue a paused scan.


Pause current scan (whether Full Scan, Explore Only or Test Only). You can resume the scan later. You can also save a paused scan to continue at another time.

Explore Only

Run an Explore stage only, without following it with the Test stage.

Test Only

Run a Test stage only (or continue a Test that was paused), without first running an Explore stage. This option is active only when there are already some Explore results.

Manual Explore

Explore your site manually. Options are:
  • Chromium browser
  • IE browser
  • External browser (if configured)
  • External Client >
    • Postman
    • SoapUI
    • Other

For details, see Manual exploring.

Rescan >

Rerun the current scan or scan stage. Select one of the sub-menu items:
  • Restart full scan (Explore and Test stages): Clear scan results, and run a full scan using the current configuration.
  • Re-Explore: Clear scan results and run an Explore stage only using the current configuration.
  • Re-Test: Clear Test results and run a new Test stage using the current configuration and Explore results.

Re-Test Issues Found

This option sends only the tests that revealed issues. This is a quick way of seeing whether issues found in the last scan have been fixed.

Scan Configuration

Define the properties of a scan. See