Manual exploring

Manual exploring enables you to explore specific parts of your application, filling in fields and forms as you go. This can be a way of ensuring that particular areas of the site are covered, and that AppScan has the information needed to complete forms correctly.

Manual exploring is when you explore your site to gather data that can be used by AppScan to ensure that when it tests the site it covers parts of the application or services that it might have missed with its automatic Explore stage. This may be because specific user input is required, or because the site responds only to a different type of tool or device. You can manually explore using AppScan, or using it as a recording proxy.

Typical uses:
This is generally used for manual exploring when the site does not include web APIs. A web browser opens, and your actions and input are recorded and used by AppScan in creating tests for the Test stage of the scan.
External client
This is generally used for web APIs, when you want to explore manually using your own remote device (such as a mobile phone) or external application (such as a mobile simulator or emulator), with AppScan configured as recording proxy. Use cases may include SOAP web APIs, or non-SOAP APIs that do not include a security envelope, or applications that require a different browser. Requests are sent to the site from an external device or application, with AppScan configured as recording proxy. This enables AppScan to record the responses and use them to create tests for the Test stage of the scan.