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Used for customizing scan results.


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In Issues View, issues are categorised as High, Medium, Low, or Informational based on CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System). You can change the severity level of the selected issue.

By default all severities are listed. You can remove specific severities from the display by clicking Filter, and deselecting the severity you want filtered out.


In Issues View, issues found in a scan are classified as Open. You can designate the selected issue as "Noise", which means that although AppScan classified it as an issue because there is a vulnerability, in the context of your application this vulnerability is not an issue.

When you classify an issue as Noise it is displayed in grayed out italics. You can remove Noise from the Issues list altogether by clicking Filter and deselecting Noise.

Delete issues

Delete selected issues.

Set issues as non-vulnerable

When you define a test variant as non-vulnerable it will not be displayed in the scan results or included in reports, but you can view its details (via the Non-vulnerables list) and reinstate it later if necessary.

Generate issue information

Occasionally parts of the Details pane may be empty for some issues. If this happens, click this to update the information.

Change host/scheme/port

If you have already recorded a login, multi-step operations, and/or a Manual Explore - and then the host, scheme or port of your Starting URL changes - requests and responses in these recordings must be updated and verified. Click Edit > Change Host/Scheme/Port to open a dialog box from which you can change the URL, and get AppScan to automatically update, verify and confirm the necessary changes.

The dialog box shows the steps being performed, and indicates when each step is successful. If the update process does not complete successfully, the dialog box indicates which step failed, and gives you the option to save the changes and proceed manually, or undo all changes.
Important: In some cases AppScan may update responses incorrectly, and part or all of the scan will fail. If that happens you will need to re-record the problematic procedures.
Note: Although Manual Explore data is updated, Automatic Explore data, and scan results, are deleted when you change the Starting URL.
Note: This option can be used to change only the host, scheme, or port of only the Starting URL. If you need to make other changes to the Starting URL, or change the host, scheme or port for one of the Additional Domains in the scan, you cannot use this option. Instead, save the scan as a template, and use that to create a new scan.

Clear all scan data

Delete all Explore and Test results, keeping only the Scan Configuration.

Note: Severity and Priority are mutually exclusive; only one is visible at any time, depending on the selected view.