This view lists requests for which AppScan® received a valid response. Based on these responses, AppScan® generates tests, to reveal weaknesses in the site, that will be sent during the Test stage.

If the request or the response body contains XML (including XHTML or SOAP), the Visited URLs icon is replaced with the XML icon:

Requests in the Result List

The Result List shows the URL of each page that AppScan visited, as well as method and parameters.

  • You can view a visited URL by right-clicking on a request and clicking Show in Browser, or selecting the URL and clicking the Show in Browser link in the Detail Pane.
  • You can create a manual test for the URL by right-clicking the Visited URL item and clicking Manual Test, or selecting the URL and clicking the Manual Test link in the Detail Pane. (See Manual tests to learn more.)

Requests in the Detail Pane

The Detail Pane includes links to Show in Browser and Manual Test, which operate in the same manner as the right-click commands in the Result List.

The Request/Response tab is displayed and shows the request and immediate response of the URL selected in the Result List.