User Interaction Needed

These are requests that were not sent because they require input from the user that AppScan could not supply. You can configure AppScan to provide input; see Automatic Form Fill view. If you missed some of your application parameters, or if you chose not to use the automatic form filler, AppScan will have a list of interactive URLs for you to review.
  • You can examine the interactive URLs list. If you want these pages to be scanned, supply the required user information in a Manual Explore.
  • It is recommended that you carefully examine the list of interactive URLs, fill in the required data, and send these requests. AppScan® will then include these URLs during the Test stage.
  • By enabling AppScan to send these requests, whole new parts of the site which were previously inaccessible may be reached. Therefore, after you visit interactive URLs, you should re-explore your application (Scan > Re-scan > Explore).

See Manually exploring interactive URLs).