Automatic Form Fill view

Automatic Form Fill view of the Configuration dialog box contains the values used to fill forms in your application.

Automatic Form Fill values are the values AppScan uses to fill forms in your application. There are default values for many of these, and they are automatically updated to include any values you enter during a Record login with a browser.

You can view, add to and edit these values from this view of the Scan Configuration dialog box.



Enable Automatic Form Fill

When this check box is selected (default), AppScan attempts to automatically fill-in the user input forms of your application during the Explore stage.

Automatic Form Fill Properties List

List of values used by AppScan to fill in forms automatically during the scan. You can add to and edit this list.

For details, see Form properties

Username and Password Parameters

Shows the strings, comma separated, that AppScan uses to recognize fields that must be filled with the Username or Password. You can edit this string as required. Add a comma without a space, between strings.

Username and Password Values

Shows the Name and Password used for login if Automatic Login is selected in Login view. You can edit it here. (For details see Login tab.)

Fill unknown fields with

You can type in a string that AppScan will use whenever it encounters a field that it does not recognize (the default string is 1234), or get AppScan to use a Random Value each time.