Scan Expert view

Scan Expert view of the Scan Configuration dialog box.

Scan Expert runs a short Explore stage before the main scan starts. It analyzes the results of this Explore to evaluate the efficiency of the settings you have configured and suggest changes as necessary. The changes it suggests can then be implemented before the main scan starts, to optimize its efficiency. (See Scan Expert for more details.)

The settings in this view let you decide how thoroughly Scan Expert explores, whether configuration changes are implemented automatically or manually, and which "modules" of the configuration are included in the evaluation.

Note: By default Scan Expert runs automatically before every full scan. You can check or change this setting in Tools > Options... > Preferences.



Scan Expert Behavior

Evaluation Limit: Define how quickly (or deeply) Scan Expert explores your application. Deeper exploration may produce a more complete evaluation.

You can define a maximum number of URLs to be explored during the evaluation, a time limit, or both. If you limit the evaluation by both, the evaluation will stop when the first of the two limits is reached. (Note: The scan may not always stop exactly at the limit, but shortly after it.)

After Evaluation: Define whether Scan Expert's recommendations are implemented - and the scan started - automatically, or whether the system waits for you to review the recommendations and implement manually those you approve. (Note that some modules cannot be implemented automatically, so if you select "auto-enabled" the settings for these modules will not be evaluated.)


The Modules pane lists all modules that Scan Expert is able to evaluate.

Select/clear check boxes so that the selected modules are those you want included in the evaluation.

Use the up/down arrows to rearrange the order of the modules (this is for convenience only, and does not affect they way they are run).

For details, see Scan Expert modules.

See also: Scan Expert