Scan Expert

Scan Expert is a feature that explores your application and network behavior to evaluate the efficiency of your scan configuration. Based on its findings it may recommend changes to the configuration to ensure a more rigorous scan.

Scan Expert connects with your application and runs a short Explore stage on it. During this time the Scan Panel indicates progress, and the Application Tree shows the parts of the application that have been explored, just as during a regular scan. The Scan Expert pane also opens (showing that this is not a regular scan).

Ways of using Scan Expert:

  • Scan Expert can be configured to run automatically before a full scan. Depending on how you configure it, it can then:
    • prompt you with recommendations which you can then accept or reject manually, or
    • apply auto-enabled recommendations automatically (not all recommendations are auto-enabled) and proceed with the scan

    (See Scan Expert view for details. To enable/disable Scan Expert from running automatically at the start of scans go to Tools > Options... > Preferences.)

  • Scan Expert can be run on its own at any time, to evaluate your configuration:
    • To have Scan Expert run a short Explore stage on the application and then analyze the responses to evaluate the configuration, click Scan > Run Scan Expert Evaluation.
    • If you have already explored the application, you can save time by letting Scan Expert analyse the existing data, without running its own Explore stage. Click Scan > Run Scan Expert Analysis Only.
  • If you try to start a scan and AppScan detects a serious problem with the configuration, it may run Scan Expert even if it is not configured to run automatically, in order to attempt to resolve the issue.