Scan Expert recommendations

When its Explore stage is complete, Scan Expert analyzes the responses received and recommends changes to the configuration. Depending on how you have configured Scan Expert (see Scan Expert view), the suggested changes may be applied automatically or displayed as an interactive list.

The table below summarizes the options available from the Scan Expert Recommendations list.




Recommendations which AppScan® is able to implement without additional user input are automatically selected. Select/deselect the check boxes as required.

Recommendations which require user input to implement, appear with a blue link. Click the link to open the Configuration dialog box at the relevant tab, and provide the necessary input (such as recording a login procedure).

More Info

Click to open the More Info window for the selected recommendation.

This window includes the reasoning behind the recommendation and instructions on how to apply the recommendation manually.

Manual Edit

Lets you apply the currently selected recommendation manually by opening the Scan Configuration dialog box at the relevant view.

Apply Recommendations

Updates the scan configuration to comply with all recommendations whose check box is selected, and closes the Scan Expert pane.

Ignore All

Discards all recommendations and closes the Scan Expert pane.