Failed Requests

These are requests sent that did not return a valid response. This usually happens when the site is down or when other communication problems exist; or when a request returns an error response status instead of the requested page.
Note: If a URL in the application tree contains only error responses, the URL is displayed with strike through formatting (with a line through it).
  • Where an error page is the expected response
  • You can resend the request to a broken link, rather than repeat the entire scan. If the application has been changed or fixed since the Explore stage was done, perform the following procedure to re-explore the broken links.
    Note: If your application requires a login, it is recommended that you manually log AppScan in (see Login tab) before doing the following procedure; otherwise the broken links will be explored outside of typical usage patterns.
  • You can view all broken links by selecting Failed Requests in the Result pane.
  • If you click Retry All Failed Requests, these links are removed from the Broken Links list and added to the Unvisited Links list. AppScan then continues the Explore stage, visiting the links in the Unvisited Links list whenever possible. This Explore stage will end when all the Unvisited Links have been explored.
    Note: If there are communication problems between AppScan and your server during a scan, some links might be marked as Broken Links. When AppScan has communication problems, it attempts to resend its requests for 90 seconds. If the connection is not achieved within that time, the scan stops. The Notice panel on the main window notifies you of the problem and shows the timeout count down. If you see this notification, you should fix the connection between AppScan and your application before attempting to troubleshoot the links.
  • The Detail Pane shows the response page of specific broken link, by clicking the Show in Browser button.