Troubleshooting the database

This topic addresses issues related to the database.

I cannot access the database

If you are not able to access the database, it might be in recovery mode.

None of the scans seem to be doing anything; how can I find out what is happening?

If you have scan jobs that seem to be stalled, you can use an SQL database query to examine the data about the database connections.

The results of this query will include a column, called "spid" and a column called "blocked". If a row, representing a connection, contains a nonzero value in the "blocked" column, then the connection is being blocked.

For example, in the following table, the database connection with spid = 64 is blocked by the connection with spid = 58. The connection with spid = 58 is not blocked.

658 0
7 600
861 0
9 620
1064 0
11 6464
1264 58