Troubleshooting applications

What can I do with the Monitor view?

Depending on your role, and your access permissions, you can do different things with the Monitor view. Start by reading these topics:

Where are my folders in the Monitor view?

There are no folders in the Monitor view. The folders in the Folder Explorer view (Scans tab) are not structurally related with the application inventory in the Monitor view. But you can use the folder structure in the Folder Explorer view as a guide as you start to migrate your existing scans into applications. Follow the migration plan for existing scans in this topic: Workflow examples for managing application security.

The Monitor view is empty.

There might be a few factors that make the Monitor view appear empty.
  1. Some filters might be applied to the list. Remove the filters to see the full list of applications that you can access.
  2. There are no applications in the inventory, and you do not have permission to create new ones. Contact your Product Administrator for assistance.
  3. There are no applications in the inventory. Create an application to start building an inventory.
  4. If you expect to access an existing application but cannot view it, or you need the ability to create new applications, contact your Product Administrator.
  5. If you expect to access an existing application, contact your Product Administrator.