Troubleshooting problems with the 'downloads' directory

You are trying to download a file from the WebApp\downloads directory, such as the Manual Explorer tool or the AppScan Dynamic Analysis Client.

This can occur if the default website in IIS does not have an HTTP binding. To fix this problem:
  1. Go to IIS > Sites > DefaultWebSite > Edit Bindings.
  2. Look at the bindings available. Ideally, you will see both HTTP and HTTPS, but if your environment is a secure environment, the bindings might be restricted to only HTTPS. Do one of the following steps:
    1. Add an HTTP binding to the DefaultWebSite. This still is secure, because the folders in the ASE folder require SSL, except for the downloads folder that does not require SSL.
    2. Edit the <install-dir>\HCL\AppScan Enterprise\WebApp\web.config file. In this line: <add key="DownloadPluginOver" value="http"/>, change value="http" to value='https'.
      Note: This choice is feasible only if the SSL certificate is one that is trusted by Firefox. If you don’t have a certificate that Firefox trusts, and you set the downloads directory to use HTTPS, then Firefox reports that the connection might not be made when a user attempts to download the Manual Explore plug-in.