Troubleshooting reports and report packs

This topic addresses common questions and issues related to report display and report packs.

Report pack or dashboard has no data

If your report pack or dashboard has no data, it is likely that the scan job on which it is based is at fault. Any one of the following situations could prevent data from appearing:

  • The scan job has not performed any security tests because its security test policy reads "No Security Tests". Change the security test policy on the Security Tests page.
  • The URL that the job is attempting to scan is not valid for the user who created the job. The Starting URLs must belong to the user's Server Group. Check the Security Tests page for a description of the server group and the valid servers for security scanning.
  • The job attempted to scan IP addresses that are not available for testing. Check the Administration tab > Module Licenses page for a list of valid IP addresses that your organization is permitted to perform security tests on.

I get an error when I try to view a report.

There might be user account permissions problems. See

HTTP traffic does not appear in reports

In the About this Issue Report, the Request/Response tab does not contain any data about the HTTP traffic. This missing data is likely because of a report based on an import job's results. When the results were exported from AppScan®, the HTTP traffic was not exported with it. To include the HTTP traffic you must select the AppScan option to include it when you export the scan results.

I have just changed an issue status but I do not see it in the report display

Select the Issue Status check box in the Layout tab and click Apply.

I want to see the content of an entire column. What do I do?

Clear the Display: Truncate results check box in the Layout tab and click Apply.

There are too many columns displayed that I do not need to see. How do I remove them from the report display?

Clear the check boxes in the Layout tab and click Apply.

I have grouped and filtered my report results, but I do not see the data I expected to see

Check the filters you have applied to the data. Try removing them one at a time to see if the results you expect appear.

I do not see all my data

Select all the issue statuses in the Show tab and click Apply.

My report is not scoped by job

Job filters are applied to base objects only; supporting information is not scoped by the job and will appear in the report. For example, the Hosts report is scoped by the host IP address. You could have several jobs using different host names, but if the host names all have the same IP address, those host names will appear in the Hosts report as supporting information. In this case, because the host fits within the job scope, any information about the host will appear in the report.

Why is there an asterisk beside the issue number in the report?

Issues that have been found within a specified number of days will be marked with an asterisk beside the issue number in the Issue column (for example, 125*).

Reports show inaccurate results for another language

When scanning a website in another language, ensure that the server hosting the content scan agent has all language packs installed on it. If it does not, the scan will be unable to convert the content to the correct code. Text such as titles, words and link context in your reports will be displayed incorrectly. If the scan agent cannot understand the content of the pages because the operating system does not have the proper language installed, then it cannot properly display your text.

Why aren't the reports I created appearing in the report pack?

You did not rerun the report pack after you added the reports to it.

Why is report pack generation so slow?

If more than one job is contributing to the report pack, report processing time will slow down. Consider mapping one job per report pack for daily work, and creating a weekly report pack that rolls up more than one job.