Adding users to a dashboard

User privileges are assigned to individual dashboards by a Product Administrator, Job Administrator, or Report Administrator. Users must also have access to the folder that contains the dashboard, since the folder is the highest level in the hierarchy.

About this task

Note: A user can be given access to a dashboard without having access to the report packs that contribute data to it. If this is the case, the links to those report packs will not be active, but the data will still be displayed in the dashboard. Although a minimum folder role of Report Consumer gives access to all dashboards in a folder, you might want to prevent certain users, regardless of their role in the folder, from accessing the data in a particular dashboard. You can deny or grant users access to dashboards and report packs so that only users with access to a dashboard can see the dashboard in a folder and view its contents.


  1. Go to the Users and Groups page of the dashboard, and click the Add icon (Add Users or Groups) .
  2. Select a user or group from the list and click Add > Save.
    Note: If the list does not contain the user or group you want to add, they must be first created by a Product Administrator.