Linking dashboards together

You can link dashboards together to give a bigger picture of an issue or a website. For example, if you have two compliance dashboards that are related, but each represents a different area of your website, they might be linked together to give users a picture of the whole website's compliance.


  1. In the Folder Explorer, click the Edit link of the dashboard you want to link.
  2. On the Tabs page, create or edit a tab.
  3. On the Report Packs page, click the Edit link of the report pack you want to use to link to another dashboard.
    Note: If the report packs are automatically included in the dashboard, linked dashboards are not available.
  4. On the Linked Dashboard page, select the dashboard you want to link to from the current dashboard, and click Select > Save.


Users can drill down from one dashboard to another, using the Link Dashboard icon (Link dashboard ) in the column heading of the dashboard's detailed summary tab or in the Issue Severity by Report Pack section of a graphical summary tab.