Running and updating the dashboard

Dashboard data must be updated on a periodic basis using its schedule property or by running it manually.

Before you begin

Use the following criteria to help you determine how often you should update the dashboard:

  • Whenever the source data changes, such as when the job is run or the report packs are run.
  • Whenever issue states are changed. When users are working in report packs and classifying issues, such as fixed, in progress or noise, you should update the dashboard data with the changes to those issues. For example, the dashboard can be rerun after the report pack is rerun or the dashboard can be run after any issue state changes.

About this task

To run a dashboard, go to the Folders list, select the dashboard, and click the Run icon (Run).

Note: You can cancel a dashboard when it is running, which essentially deletes any data associated with the current dashboard run. The data gathered is lost and will not appear in its reports. If you do not want to lose the data, end the dashboard instead.